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Review Date: 02/13/2018 | Author: Marcia O.

Comments: I had a leak in my roof and contacted Focused Roofing. I scheduled on Tues. morning which was the first available appointment. However, William contacted me Monday morning and said since I had water leaking into my house he would make time on Monday to come and identify my problem. He took care of the problem and identified other problems that need to be addressed soon. I would highly recommend William to anyone needing roof work.

Review Date: 11/21/2017 | Author: Bruce R.

Comments: He identified a number of problems that previous contractors left me with, and worked with me so I could see exactly what he was talking about. I'm going to have him fix the immediate problems, to get me through the winter. And in the spring, have him fix the ventilation issues.

Review Date: 11/13/2017 | Author: Timothy B.

Comments: Quick service, professional, did exactly what was promised. Located the leak quickly.

Review Date: 11/11/2017 | Author: Tammy T.

Comments: We were provided various solutions to our issues. We would like to highly recommend this company, and will be using them again.

Review Date: 05/23/2017 | Author: Rachel H.

Comments: Great service. He did not quite until he found the cause of the leak, which turned out not to be a roofing issue, then devised a solution.

Review Date: 03/12/2017 | Author: a Neighbor

Review Date: 03/04/2017 | Author: Ellen H.

Comments: William responded to our inquiry within an hour and made an appointment for the very next day to assess our project and provide an estimate. We have a 2nd story flat roof and deck installed over the garage. Water had leaked through the deck and was dripping through the drywall ceiling in several areas of the garage. We were about to put our home on the market, and would not list the house until all repair work was completed. We wanted the job done perfectly so there would be no concerns on the part of prospective buyers, the home inspector or, ultimately, the new home owner. William understood not only the complicated nature of the project, but also our need to remediate all issues associated with the flat roof damage in advance of listing our house. After a thorough inspection, William explained that both the original installation of the 2nd story deck system and a subsequent repair to the roof had been improperly executed. He removed some deck boards to show us how water was pooling under the deck and the damage to the existing rubber roof resulting from the previous repair. William is both a craftsman and a perfectionist, with unparalleled attention to detail. He stands behind his work and will go above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied. His crew is skilled, courteous and efficient. They put in long hours and cleaned up every nail before leaving the site each day. The scope of the work was complicated, including removal and reinstallation of the railing systems, removal and hauling away of existing decking, joists, and roofing materials, installation of new Genflex EPDM rubber roof system, construction of new deck, and replacement of all garage drywall. The work was completed on time and on budget. We were provided with transferrable warranties for both materials and workmanship. The result is amazing. Since completion, we have had several episodes of high wind and heavy rain, and the ceiling of the garage is dry as a bone. We could not be happier with the quality of work done by Focused Roofing Solutions and recommend them without reservation.

Review Date: 01/30/2017 | Author: Lynn L.

Comments: William was prompt and knowledgeable about helping us with our roof problem. He was able to fix the emergency leak that same day. We are looking forward to having him work on the maintenance of our roofs needs.

Review Date: 01/25/2017 | Author: Megan R.

Comments: William was very professional and came out to our house several times, even when it was already dark, to inspect our roof and ceiling for our emergency roof leak. He explained everything he found, showed us where the problem areas were, and was very thorough. You can tell he takes great pride in his work, and we are grateful to have him as our roofer. I would recommend William to anyone who is looking for a great and dependable job to be done.

Review Date: 12/02/2016 | Author: Steve R.

Comments: William responded quickly to my initial request for a quote and scheduled time to stop by same day. Even though he had been on another project all day, he still showed up, and working in the darkness, was able to determine what was needed, and as I was experiencing a leak in the sun room under the roof needing repair, William placed a tarp over the roof to prevent any further leaking until he could return to complete the repair work. William returned within a month to complete the project and worked deligemtly over a day and a half and well into the darkness one evening ensuring all work was completed to his satisfaction. I highly recommend William and very well may be hiring him in the future for a larger project.

Review Date: 09/15/2016 | Author: James P.

Comments: William will be removing our four deteriorating skylights soon and replace them with a higher quality product. We were impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, and patience with the many questions we asked. He went out of his way to fully explain what has happened on our roof to the old skylights, and to tell us how the new installation will be different, and how that will prevent the problem from occurring again. William even took the time to help us identify a problem we have with our kitchen drawers. and where we can purchase the broken parts. William told us he would be at our home to inspect our skylights at "around 6:30 PM." At 6:25, he called and told us he was running a little late, but would be here shortly. AND HE WAS. We very much appreciate someone in business who takes the time to keep his customer informed. We would definitely contact William again to have him perform one of the services, for which he is known.

Review Date: 08/18/2016 | Author: Theresa B.

Comments: William was very nice, professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him and use him again.

Review Date: 08/01/2016 | Author: Brian H.

Comments: The project was a full replacement of a second floor deck including removal of OSB sheeting, rubber liner, deck rafters and Trex decking. William Mitchell's original estimate was fair and despite finding unforeseen challenges with removing the original deck material, William absorbed the extra time and cost it took to complete the repair. William is passionate about his business. His passion comes through in the resulting product - beautiful. Love it. Would use William Mitchell for similar projects again.

Review Date: 05/28/2016 | Author: Chris B.

Comments: William Mitchell went the extra step to complete the repair. I will use their service again.

Review Date: 02/06/2016 | Author: Steve M.

Comments: I have used focused roofing solutions for over 5 years now. William the owner operator has always been involved in each project his professionalism and customer service are excellent. He has always completed his work on a timely fashion and his rates are very competitive. William and his staff are very knowledgeable on a lot of different aspects of how to repair and complete projects around your home they are also on the lookout a lot for any situations that may occur that could cause problems down the road. I have been very satisfied with the numerous projects they have performed in my house, these projects these projects have been numerous.

Review Date: 02/04/2016 | Author: Norman B.

Comments: The contractor was very professional and detailed in completing the repair. I would recommend this contractor. Norman B.

Review Date: 12/13/2015 | Author: Laura P.

Comments: I had William come out to look at my skylight; water was leaking into my bathroom around where the skylight is located. I had two other estimates; one was just replacing our flashing and shingles around the skylight (and yeah, he did not ever get up on the roof to assess it), and the other was to replace the skylight and the above. Both were over $1000.00. The estimates were so different from each other in regards to what each said needed to be done, that I felt we needed another to see what really was needed. I am so thankful that I trusted my instincts. William came out so very quickly, and not only thoroughly explained what needed to be done (the skylight replaced, flashing, shingles, and insulation which the others had not addressed), but he also saw my chimney needed repair, and agreed to take care of it for free while he was up on the roof fixing the skylight. He also showed me pictures of some hail damage on my roof that I was unaware of being there. He then spent and additional couple hours at my house, showing me how my BRAND new siding job (done 3 years ago) was poorly installed, and how it was damaging my house. He educated me on the siding and how it is SUPPOSE to be installed, and what I needed to do to rectify the situation. He does not do siding, and did not need to spend his time on Thanksgiving Day inspecting my siding to show where and how this siding was damaging my house. I called the siding company regarding this, and they are coming out to evaluate. William then offered to come to my house when the siding company came to help me speak with these supposed reputable people. He also gave me a web-site to be able to educate myself on what types of trim are suppose to be use/how siding is suppose to be installed. I have had so many bad experiences with "experts" (I also had a deck installed that was a nightmare, but that would require far more words that what I am allotted) that I had become so discourage with trying to get anything done. I felt there were no honest people anymore that took pride in their work. William has restored my faith, and educated me on how I can prevent nightmares in the future. If someone really knows what they are doing, they should have no problem educating you on what needs done. People that do not do that want to keep you in the dark so they can charge you more, and then do a poor job. William was incredible, not only educating me on the repairs needed for my skylight, but on other jobs I had done recently. If you want something done right (and right the first time), you should call William. I have never had anyone care so much about people, and putting his name on a great job.

Review Date: 02/16/2015 | Author: Andrew S.

Comments: William response was prompt despite harsh weather conditions Very informed and honest. Secured all dangerous parts of the damaged roof. Completed inspection and fixed parts that were likely to cause further damage to the property on the spot. Highly recommend his company

Review Date: 01/08/2015 | Author: Kristen B.

Comments: Came out in the pouring rain to help us

Review Date: 12/10/2014 | Author: Kevin & susan H.

Comments: It was flashing repair, looks very good from what I can see, but haven't seen it in the daylight yet.

Review Date: 12/06/2014 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: He did the job the same day I called. He was honest and fair with his pricing. He explained everything that needed to be done and showed me photos. I would definitely call him again to work on my roof. Great job.

Review Date: 08/22/2014 | Author: William P.

Comments: If there was number higher than 5 we would have picked it. When we called William he came out to our house the same evening to check our roof. We had called other roofers and they either didn't call back or told us it would be a week or more before they could come even when we told them our roof was leaking into our bedroom. The crew that installed our whole roof was very fast and professional and completed the whole job in one day. They even cleaned up everything before they left. We are very pleased with the quality of the roof and the way that they installed it . A++ to Focused!!

Review Date: 09/05/2013 | Author: Robert B.

Comments: Contracted with William in late June and because of weather and other issues we finally got together and he completed the job yesterday. Gave me a discount for the delays. Great job.

Review Date: 09/04/2013 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Very friendly and quote was given same day. Job was done exactly as quoted with no hidden charges. Removed old roof and replaced all in one 13 hour day. Workers were professional and worked hard all day. Stopped only twice for short food breaks. His writen quote was higher than other verbal estimates I was given but was overall very pleased with my choice.

Review Date: 12/16/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Thought it was a bit pricey for the amount of work to be done, $470. for about 4 hours of work. But it did entail getting up on a ladder on a very steep roof.

Review Date: 12/05/2012 | Author: Rod G.

Comments: Great job

Review Date: 08/03/2012 | Author: a Neighbor

Comments: Job was completed within the estimated amount of time. Work that was completed was satisfactory.

Review Date: 06/23/2012 | Author: M.c. R.

Comments: William takes pride in his work. He completed gutters, roof & skylights to our satisfaction-- not an easy task! We would certainly recommend him to others.

Review Date: 05/04/2012 | Author: Chauncey S.

Comments: William took his time and made sure everything was done correctly and got the job done when he said he would

Review Date: 04/21/2012 | Author: Claire B.

Comments: extremely conscientious and knowledgeable in finding and fixing structural defects on siding, gutters and roofing issues. Work was done in a neat, timely and very efficient manner..Went above & beyond to get the job done!

Review Date: 02/21/2012 | Author: Rachael G.

Comments: Very Satisfied with the service. The job was completed within 2 days of my initial phone call. EXCELLENT!